Uh Oh, Here Come The Pig Mammoths

by Todd Matthews

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“Uh oh, Here Come the Pig Mammoths” is Todd's debut album telling a story about an imaginative young man’s adventures to rescue his brother. Using only his double bass to compose and record all of the audio for the entire soundtrack, he created a layered bass sound world. Each song contains an average of 30-40 layered tracks of plucked, bowed, and drummed string bass in each song to create a wide palette of sounds. Once the tracks were recorded into the computer, Todd used sound design techniques to further expand the color palette.


released December 20, 2012

Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Todd Matthews.
Mastered by Silas Brown.
Music and Text © + ℗ Todd Matthews.
Artwork © Bizhan Khodabandeh.



all rights reserved


Todd Matthews Richmond, Virginia

One double bass, many layers of sound

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Track Name: Drifting Off
~ Drifting Off ~
Though he was quite exhausted after yet another difficult day at work, Chad laid down on his well-worn but comfy couch, fighting the descent into dream world. He had always resisted drifting off because he worried that he might miss something while he slept. However, sleep came quickly as he melted into the cushions.
Very soon he awoke and went outside into the hot, dry desert air. Waiting there for Chad was his older brother Todd. Something was strange. Todd was carrying a very large musical instrument over his shoulder, and was surrounded by a sizable crowd.
“What’s that you’re carrying?”, Chad asked his brother.
Todd replied, “It’s a special double bass. It’s on loan from the Pig Mammoths. Well, actually, they don’t know that I have it, but it will be nice to use this one to practice on while we’re in Reptilia. I’ll bring it back to them later.” Todd showed him that this bass had an extension on the lowest string, to allow him to play even lower notes on this already low, earthy-sounding instrument!
Though Todd’s response only caused more confusion, Chad then noticed that it wasn’t a crowd of people behind Todd at all! In fact, they resembled lizards standing upright on two feet, like people, but with tails, colorful scales, and long alligator-shaped heads. Staring wide eyed at his brother, Chad asked “Who are, what are, ah, who are they?”
Todd replied, “We’re in Reptilia, Little Brotha. Haven’t you been paying attention?”
Chad’s attention was diverted before he was able to ask any more questions. Suddenly, the Reptilians began to scatter in every direction. Looking up, they noticed that a vortex of dark colored clouds had formed directly above their heads. Along the horizon in the distance, Chad and Todd saw a large herd of unusual creatures approaching them. Todd squinted to try to focus and identify the oncoming mass.
Track Name: Pig Mammoth Theme
~ Pig Mammoth Theme~

The Pig Mammoths continued their charge towards the brothers. Chad’s eyes grew even larger when he caught sight of the Pig Mammoths’ hideous appearance. They were extremely large beasts, fully covered in greasy, matted fur. Their faces resembled pigs with large, wrinkled snouts. They had large, drooling mouths with huge tusks and dark, sinister eyes.
Todd quickly explained, “Those double bass hogging behemoths must have discovered that one of their musical instruments is missing from their collection. You know, those beasts don’t even know how to play them. The Pig Mammoths just like to collect them and keep them all locked up inside their palace. Hogs!”
Todd grabbed Chad’s arm and they began to run together. The double bass slowed them down tremendously. Todd put the double bass down, hoping the Pig Mammoths would be satisfied enough to cease their attack. Because the brothers were both looking back over their shoulders, together they tripped over a cactus. They both hit the ground hard, face first, and everything momentarily went black.
As Chad opened his eyes and regained his composure, he saw the Pig Mammoths marching off with Todd and the double bass.
Track Name: Sad Chad
~ Sad Chad ~

In a state of depression, Chad walked all day in the hot sun until he came upon a village of small, dome-shaped stone structures. Within these domes lived Sobeks: crocodile-headed dwarves. Immediately noticing Chad’s look of despair, the Sobeks welcomed Chad with open arms. After feeding him a nice meal, they explained that the Pig Mammoths live beyond Bugia (pronounced Boo-jee-ah). Chad learned that the only way to get to Bugia from Reptilia is to cross the Toral sea. After thanking the Sobeks for all of their help, he headed straight for the shores of Reptilia.
Track Name: Leaving Reptilia
~ Leaving Reptilia ~

A couple of Sobeks who were extremely knowledgable of the lands accompanied Chad on his journey to Reptilia’s beach. They traveled throughout the night, since the dwarves knew that it was much safer blending in with the shadows than being seen in the daylight. They successfully snuck by horse-sized scorpions and three-headed cobras. These snakes not only had two extra opportunities for their venomous bite, but had four canine-like legs on their slithering bodies. There was danger around every corner in Reptilia. When they reached the top of the highest dune in Reptilia, they were rewarded with a beautiful view all the way to the sea.
Track Name: Crossing The Toral Sea
~ Crossing the Toral Sea ~
When Chad and the Sobeks reached the ocean they met up with Fred, a massive, three thousand year old turtle. The Sobeks introduced them, knowing it was Chad’s only chance at making it across the Toral Sea alive.
After Chad explained his story, Fred agreed to take him, stating “I’ll take you across as long as you follow my instructions exactly.”
Fred said, “There will be lots of obstacles, but there’s nothing this hard-shelled swimmer hasn’t experienced.”
Chad climbed onto Fred’s shell and the beginning of their journey was very pleasant. There was a beautiful red sunrise, calm waters, and a refreshing breeze.
After the sun set, their situation suddenly changed. As a cyclonic storm rolled in, Chad tightly gripped the shell and ducked low as they navigated the raging waves.
As if the storm wasn’t enough, Chad noticed that there were other creatures in the water with them. Every few minutes their large whale-like bodies and pointy tusks would just barely emerge from the surface and then disappear back into the dark sea. Fred proclaimed, “Get a good grip and hold your breath!” With a big gulp of air, they dove straight down into the ocean.
Now that they were under the surface, Chad could make out the razor-sharp, nine foot long tusks of the Narwhals . The speed at which Fred could travel through the water was astonishing. There was only one Narwhal that could keep up with him, but Fred took care of the situation by releasing a dark black oil into the face of the Narwhal to slow it down.
Track Name: Bugia's Marketplace
~ Bugia's Marketplace ~
once they arrived on land, Fred wished Chad good luck and told him to go to Bugia’s marketplace. Fred said, “Creatures from all walks of Bugia attend the marketplace. Beetle people are friendly, and you’ll meet someone who can help you find your brother.”
When Chad made it to the marketplace, he observed in awe as hundreds of the bug-like creatures were walking around and talking just like people do. Chad stuck out like a sore thumb, and the Beetle People were interested in his story. Once it was clear that Chad was in search of the Pig Mammoths, the Beetle People informed him that they reside in a palace deep into the heart of Bugia.
Chad learned that the Pig Mammoths collect double basses because they detest the low notes of this musical instrument. If someone plays a bass within the vicinity of a Pig Mammoth, they will fall to the ground clutching their pig ears in agony.
After learning all about the Pig Mammoths, Chad met Major Dee, the marching millipede. She had an upright torso dressed in a soldier’s uniform which sagged with metals, and the rest of her millipede-like body stretched on as far as Chad could see. Major Dee knew Bugia inside and out, and this new mission to rescue Chad’s brother gave her a renewed sense of purpose in her life.
Track Name: Pig Mammoth Palace
~ Pig Mammoth Palace ~

Once the palace was in view, Major Dee told Chad, “From this point you’re on your own. That’s the only way you’ll be able to sneak into the castle undetected.”
When Chad got up close, the palace was so tall that it hurt his neck to look up to the top. He started climbing slowly up the stones, and once he got to an opening in the palace walls he was able to peek in. He could see the Pig Mammoths marching under the instruction of one rather obese beast that appeared to be their leader.
As he climbed further, he spotted the room where Todd was being held prisoner. Chad assessed the situation, noticing that there was only one Pig Mammoth standing guard, and that the key to the cell was hooked on the wall.
Chad climbed even further. As he reached the top of the palace he found a room piled wall to wall and floor to ceiling with double basses.
Chad grabbed the largest double bass and bow that he could find and headed down to the cell, ready to take on the beasts. The Pig Mammoth on guard snorted and squinted his eyes as he noticed Chad approaching him. Chad remembered what Todd had shown him in Reptilia, so he flipped open the extension on the bass to access the lowest notes, and played as loudly as he possibly could. The beastly mammoth dropped to the ground like a rock, squealing in pain.
The army of Pig Mammoths at the bottom of the palace could hear that someone was playing a double bass, and their leader yelled violently, “Put an end to that horrendous noise!!!”
Chad quickly grabbed the key and unlocked the cell. “You’re the best brother ever!,” exclaimed Todd. They ran up to the room of double basses. Todd explained that the basses which have lightning bolts burned into the wood grains can fly!
Track Name: Return to Reptilia
~ Return to Reptilia ~

Chad and Todd found the double basses inscribed with the lightning bolts. Then Chad watched as Todd laid the double bass down on its back, straddled the fingerboard, grabbed onto the neck, and dropped his feet into the f holes. The double bass began to rise. Chad mimicked his brother and then they shot out the palace window like bullets into the sky. Chad’s view began to become blurred and formed a colorful tunnel as he and Todd flew on the double basses at warp speed.
Track Name: Wake Up
~ Waking Up ~

As morning approached, Chad slowly shifted out of his deep slumber and abruptly leapt up from the couch.